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Forward thinking companies have leveraged Mona’s intelligent monitoring solution to gain complete visibility into their AI driven processes, ensuring early detection of performance issues before their business is impacted by AI failures.


"Mona is already helping us get dramatically more comfortable with our AI deployments. We performed a thorough market evaluation, and Mona has unique capabilities which made it the best fit for our needs."


Lieutenant Colonel Roye Wietzfeld

Head of Digital R&D at Israeli Ministry of Defense

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About: A private unicorn company using technology to help their 2,000+ customers reach their full potential


Industry: Sales software intelligence


Use cases: Speech recognition, NLU, voice analytics


Teams using Mona: Research, software engineer, data engineer

Challenge: Gong wanted to stop relying on manual processes and customer complaints to know when models were underperforming.


Solution: Using Mona for over 3 years, the flexibility offered Gong the ability to monitor all of their ML models within one dashboard while tracking custom metrics for each of their use cases. Specifically, Gong relies on Mona to ensure the performance of their models is satisfactory, and on Mona insights to trigger semi-automatic retraining schedules.

Challenge: needed to monitor external factors that can impact the data that is flowing through their AI system, and preemptively address declines in the efficacy of their models. 


Solution: Mona automatically detects and alerts Exceed’s data science team of a variety of different anomalies, such as concept drifts, in order to optimize the performance of the models. Exceed also uses Mona to benchmark and compare model versions, extending their research into production.

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About: Recently acquired by Genesys, utilizes AI to help their customers go beyond their goals


Industry: Sales & marketing software


Use case: Conversational AI


Teams using Mona: Data science, customer support

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About: A publicly traded company that connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent across the world


Industry: E-commerce marketplace


Use cases: Recommendations, LTV, CTR


Teams using Mona: Data science, machine learning

Challenge: Fiverr needed to ensure that their vast AI deployments, serving a variety of business functions and objectives, were trustworthy at scale and on an ongoing basis. 


Solution: Monitoring over two dozen models, Mona’s flexible solution is able to track a wide variety of use cases, for example, real-time models for ranking search results, and batch models for customer lifetime value predictions.

"K Health is improving healthcare by connecting data points from millions of medical records to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat what’s wrong. Mona makes sure we’re aware of any changes or trends in our data, and keeps our AI running smoothly.”


Tom Haramaty

Algorithms Team Lead at K Health

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About: A private unicorn company providing affordable access to healthcare to over 6 million people


Industry: Healthcare


Use case: Conversational AI


Teams using Mona: Data science, machine learning

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About: A conversational AI platform enabling users to have better digital conversations with their customers


Industry: Conversational software


Use cases: Augmented APM


Teams using Mona: Customer success, product

“At Hyro, we strive to always deliver the best value to our customers. Using Mona, even as our customer base and variety of use-cases continues grow, we can ensure that if any of our bots misbehaves, we’d be the first to notice and fix, before customers are affected.”


Nitzan Bar

Chief Architect at Hyro

About: A private company building cutting-edge technologies to provide instant property intelligence


Industry: Geospatial intelligence


Use case: Spatial analytics


Teams using Mona: Data science, statistician

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About: An American, Fortune 100 company that manufactures machinery and heavy equipment


Industry: Industrial manufacturing 


Use cases: Smart factory use case


Teams using Mona: Quality, data

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