AI Fairness 

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Mona's intelligent monitoring solution automatically detects potential issues of bias, increasing your trust in production datasets and models to ensure compliance readiness. With Mona, you operate fair and ethical AI by gaining a deep understanding of the behavior of your machine learning models across various protected segments of data, and in the context of the business function they serve. Eliminate bias within your AI driven applications today!

Automatically Generate Fairness Reports

With full user configuration options, you can easily create custom fairness reports that meet your industry and functional standards and regulations. Mona's AI fairness report ensures that your AI is operating with the highest levels of fairness and transparency, giving you assurance that it is free of any bias. 

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Proactively Identify and Address Biases

Through our intuitive dashboard, Mona provides a clear, real-time view of your entire AI system, making it easy to identify and investigate potential issues with your machine learning models. With just a few clicks, you can explore the root causes of any biases that may be present, providing your team with the necessary tools to troubleshoot them.

Cover All Your Use Cases and Stacks

Mona's AI fairness feature is not only for highly regulated use cases, but also for any function that needs to ensure their AI is unbiased. Our platform flexibility allows this feature set to work with any AI use case, whether it's a chatbot, predictive analytics, or assessing credit for short-term loans.

Take The First Step in Detecting Bias in Your AI

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