Intelligent Monitoring Solution for Machine Learning

Mona's intelligent monitoring solution for machine learning (ml) provides data science teams actionable insights into the operation of their AI systems to track custom metrics in a robust dashboard, be proactively alerted on anomalous behaviors, conduct A/B tests, and more. Through these insights, quickly detect and resolve performance issues within your ml models.

Key Benefits for ML Monitoring

Investing in AI can come with many different challenges. Here's how Mona's ML monitoring tool can help provide confidence in your AI system.

Reduce and Mitigate Risks
Preemptively detects issues derived from unpredictable real world changes that can impact the performance of your AI system, thus avoiding negative effects to your business and customers
Extend Research into Production
Insights that provide data science teams with knowledge to improve research capabilities and optimize ML model performance
Optimizes MLOps
Smarter model version benchmarking, A/B testing and shadow mode testing. Utilize inference time data to reduce retraining and manual labeling efforts

Comprehensive ML Monitoring Capabilities

Intelligence That’s Critical for Machine Learning Monitoring

Mona cuts through the noise by automatically analyzing thousands of potential anomalies to find the “needle in the haystack”, pointing your team directly to the underperforming subsegment of the model. Whether you want to be alerted on an unforeseen data drift and concept drift, or that your models are underperforming for a newly onboarded customer, these insights allow your team to quickly troubleshoot issues before your business and customers are negatively impacted.

Radical Configurability

Every AI system is unique. Each use case has specific data considerations and metrics that are key indicators of business success, and a range of potential issues. Mona enables the simple creation and tracking of custom metrics, while also providing expansive, configurable anomaly detection to monitor for your team’s unique data quality and model accuracy needs.

Technology Stack and AI Use Case Agnostic

Mona fits into your current processes by seamlessly integrating with any tech stack, any ML model type and can handle vast amounts of data without interrupting your current workflows with both SaaS and self-hosted deployments options.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Mona can be customized using a simple configuration which represents the agility of the system when compared to the other POC. We were impressed by the level of commitment, the level of the professionality and the maturity of the technology, which were the most important things that we needed.”

Yuval Ben Zion, Director of Data Science at Fiverr

“At Hyro, we strive to always deliver the best value to our customers. Using Mona, even as our customer base and variety of use-cases continue to grow, we can ensure that if any of our bots misbehaves, we’d be the first to notice and fix, before customers are affected.”

Nitzan Bar, Chief Architect at Hyro

“K Health is improving healthcare by connecting data points from millions of medical records to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat what’s wrong. Mona makes sure we’re aware of any changes or trends in our data, and keeps our AI running smoothly.”

Tom Haramaty, Algorithms Team Lead at K Health

“Mona is already helping us get dramatically more comfortable with our AI deployments. We performed a thorough market evaluation, and Mona has unique capabilities which made it the best fit for our needs.”

Roye Wietzfeld, Head of Digital R&D at Israeli Ministry of Defense

“As's business continuously grows, our AI models are required to work seamlessly with a growing number of use-cases and customers. Mona is enabling our growth by assuring that our AI works as planned for all of our use-cases, and alerting us the moment our AI fails or underperforms.”

Igal Mazor, Chief Data Scientist at

“With Mona, we are able to proactively identify issues in production before our customers are negatively impacted.”

Ohad Parush, EVP of R&D at

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