Model Monitoring for Financial Institutions

Ensure That Your Models Perform At Their Peak

Mona provides model owners with actionable insights regarding their models’ performance in production, through a unique built-in capability to pinpoint anomalous behaviors in granular segments. 

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Key Features

Automatic Insights:

Dive deep into your data with Mona’s ability to slice through multiple dimensions, isolating anomalies without noise.

Customizable Monitoring:

Tailor your monitoring schema with bespoke metrics and dimensions, setting up comprehensive monitors for any scenario, including data quality and integrity, and model fidelity.

Scalable & Secure:

Rest assured that your monitoring setup adheres to the highest enterprise standards with a platform engineered for the most demanding datasets, and can be deployed on premise (even air-gapped) or in the cloud.

Real-Time & Batch Processing:

Stay ahead with instant anomaly detection and comprehensive historical analyses.



Risk Management:

Protect your organization from unforeseen model discrepancies and errors.

Operational Efficiency:

Streamline your model monitoring process, freeing up valuable time for innovation.

Swift Issue Resolution:

Rapidly identify and rectify issues, reducing downtime and potential financial impact.

Continuous Improvement:

Leverage detailed insights to fine-tune models, enhancing performance and profitability over time.

Example Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your models meet regulatory standards by monitoring performance and behavior over time.

Credit Risk Assessment

Detect and address shifts in feature correlations to maintain predictive power in credit scoring models.

Fraud Detection

Identify discrepancies in fraud detection models across different regions, transaction types, channels, media and more.

Market Behavior Analysis

Uncover and rectify unusual model behaviors in varying market conditions, ensuring reliability.

Deployment Operations

Ensure model stability across versions by aligning inference-time and training-time feature sets, Identifying discrepancies between staging and production environments, and more.


Join the ranks of enterprise customers in finance and other top AI teams, using Mona to demonstrate significant improvements in model performance, efficiency, and risk management.

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