Flexible AI Monitoring Platform

Mona is the monitoring intelligence layer for any type of data-driven process, any industry, and any technology stack. Mona's highly configurable monitoring platform provides teams with valuable insights into the performance of ML models or intelligent automations, enabling them to automatically detect issues, understand the root causes, and resolve them rapidly.

Here's How Mona's Works

Mona monitors your entire AI-driven processes, giving your team actionable insights to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.


Connect and Export Data

Leverage several convenient export options to collect and aggregate data from all parts of your environment. Both SaaS and self-hosted deployment options available

Set AI Use-Case Specific Performance Metrics

Use Mona’s built-in ETL pipeline to set and track both out-of-the-box and custom performance metrics specific to your use case(s)

Automatically Detect Specific Segments Where Your Metrics Change or Misbehave

Receive auto-generated insights about anomalous behaviors within specific segments of your data including drifts, biases, sudden changes, outliers, distribution changes, and rule-based validations via Email, Slack, Teams, or other platforms your team works with

Understand Why and Take Action

Deep-dive into the insights using Mona’s root cause analysis tools which point you directly to the “culprit” with auto-generated explanations, and enable rapid investigation and issue resolution before your business or customers are negatively impacted
bidimensional accuracy model monitoring

Discover the Power of Exhaustive Automatic Segmentation

  • Issues in data-driven processes usually arise in specific data segments, not across your entire data. This can happen due to hidden biases, uncontrollable 3rd party data changes, drifts, bugs, and more

  • Mona’s insights generator utilizes a new technology to discover issues, even when they affect only specific segments of your data (e.g., specific customers, demographics or geographical regions)

Avoid Monitoring’s Number One Enemy: Noise

  • Alert fatigue is the number one reason for monitoring failures

  • Mona’s insights generator utilizes a proprietary capability to detect the root cause of anomalies before alerting on them, thus notifying you only on specific root-causes, and not on different symptoms of the same issue

  • Mona automatically provides possible explanations due to correlated metrics and advanced investigative tools to significantly reduce time to issue resolution

ml monitoring insights

AI Monitoring Tailored for Your Business Needs

  • Track both out-of-the-box and user-defined metrics to ensure your team has full visibility into your unique AI use-case

  • Built-in ETL capabilities for generating use-case specific metrics from distributed and asynchronously collected data

  • Track and A/B test different model versions and automation processes at both test time and in production

Increase Efficiency Within Your Workflows, While Reducing Business Risks

  • Proprietary analytical engine that automatically surfaces actionable insights, reducing manual work hours troubleshooting issues 

  • Easily assign tasks to relevant team members to ensure performance issues are organized, reviewable and ultimately, taken care of

  • Utilize Mona's advanced investigations and data exploration capabilities to find root causes and create ad-hoc visualizations

mona ai monitoring dashboard
mona flexibility

Ultimate Flexibility to Fit into Your Current Processes 

  • Seamlessly integrates into any technology stack

  • Easily supports multiple use cases with a simple configuration 

  • Scalable platform that can accommodate any amount of data

Why Our Customers Love Using Mona

"As Exceed.ai's business continuously grows, our AI models are required to work seamlessly with a growing number of use-cases and customers. Mona is enabling our growth by assuring that our AI works as planned for all of our use-cases, and alerting us the moment our AI fails or underperforms."

Igal Mazor, Chief Data Scientist at Exceed.ai

"K Health is improving healthcare by connecting data points from millions of medical records to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat what’s wrong. Mona makes sure we’re aware of any changes or trends in our data, and keeps our AI running smoothly.”

Tom Haramaty, Algorithms Team Lead at K Health

“At Hyro, we strive to always deliver the best value to our customers. Using Mona, even as our customer base and variety of use-cases continue to grow, we can ensure that if any of our bots misbehaves, we’d be the first to notice and fix, before customers are affected.”

Nitzan Bar, Chief Architect at Hyro

“Mona is already helping us get dramatically more comfortable with our AI deployments. We performed a thorough market evaluation, and Mona has unique capabilities which made it the best fit for our needs.”

Roye Wietzfeld, Head of Digital R&D at Israeli Ministry of Defense

"Mona can be customized using a simple configuration which represents the agility of the system when compared to the other POC. We were impressed by the level of commitment, the level of the professionality and the maturity of the technology, which were the most important things that we needed.”

Yuval Ben Zion, Director of Data Science at Fiverr

"With Mona, we are able to proactively identify issues in production before our customers are negatively impacted.”

Ohad Parush, EVP of R&D at Gong.io

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