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The Most Flexible Monitoring Solution


By gaining complete visibility into your processes, models and data, proactively avoid any associated risks with your business outcomes and ensure that you have the utmost confidence in the performance of your systems. 


Using Mona, you can:

  • Proactively detect operational issues (e.g. drifts, outliers & data integrity issues)

  • Instantly get alerts on performance issues while avoiding noise 

  • Create and track custom metrics for each use case that align to business KPIs

  • Version benchmarking and A/B testing to extend research into production 


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Providing Actionable Insights For Innovative Companies


"K Health is improving healthcare by connecting data points from millions of medical records to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat what’s wrong. Mona makes sure we’re aware of any changes or trends in our data, and keeps our AI running smoothly."


Tom Haramaty, Algorithms Team Lead at K Health

“Mona was able to customize while using a simple configuration that represented the agility of the system when compared to the other POC. We were impressed by the level of commitment, the level of the professionality and the maturity of the technology, which were the most important things that we needed."


Yuval Ben Zion, Director of Data Science at Fiverr

"As's business continuously grows, our AI models are required to work seamlessly with a growing number of use-cases and customers. Mona is enabling our growth by assuring that our AI works as planned for all of our use-cases, and alerting us the moment our AI fails or underperforms.”


Igal Mazor, Chief Data Scientist at