Next-Level AI Monitoring with Mona + New Relic

Mona is an industry leading monitoring solution for production AI systems that instantly detects anomalies about data integrity and model performance issues. The partnership with New Relic will provide AI practitioners and production teams actionable insights for quicker resolutions.

Exceptional visibility into AI systems

Plan better AI roadmaps, optimize operational processes and reduce any associated risks through one unified production monitoring environment. Customers are now able to view Mona generated insights directly on their New Relic dashboard, providing real-time feedback into data integrity and model performance.
New Relic Mona Demo Video

One Unified Production Monitoring Environment


Discover correlations between AI underperformance and the application and infrastructure environments, enabling production teams to tackle issues faster and more efficiently.    

Auto-Generated Dashboards

View Mona insights and alerts on New Relic containing performance of AI systems in production.

Explore Production Data

Allows production AI data exploration directly on New Relic via NRQL.

Cluster Alerts

Direct specific anomaly alerts from Mona to the proper teams through the New Relic Incident Intelligence system and cluster them with alerts from other sources.

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