Production-Grade AI/ML Starts Here

Powerful machine learning lifts your business, but not without firefighting to adapt your data, metrics, and models. Mona's monitoring solution can help. Get set up and running within 2 hours.

Production AI/ML Monitoring Done Right

Mona offers a complete monitoring architecture, designed for gaining visibility into concept drifts, biases, and data integrity issues.
Flexible, customizable data tracking
Collect data from anywhere, and use a powerful schema language to define how data is abstracted, segmented, and visualized
Monitoring intelligence and proactive alerting
Mona can sort through thousands of data points and bubble up potential anomalies, saving valuable time and making insights actionable
Scales in any cloud environment
Billions of inferences per month? Batch or real-time? No problem. Get your own dedicated cluster, on a cloud provider of your choice

Notifications and Automation Support

The platform supports customizable web hooks for notifications via email and popular tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pagerduty, as well as automation use cases such as triggering model retraining.

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Key Benefits

Your investment in AI/ML systems and products is not without its challenges. Here's how a production-grade monitoring solution can help.
Risk Reduction
Monitoring enables preempting a wide range of AI/ML issues that can affect your business.
Business Optimization
Observability helps reduce the costly manual labor and time spent investigating critical AI/ML issues.
Growth Enablement
Accelerating AI/ML troubleshooting, such as for rolling out new ML models, enables unlocking growth for your business.
Peace of Mind
Sleep better at night, knowing you have visibility into real-world AI/ML performance and potential issues.

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