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Mona's intelligent monitoring platform provides the most granular insights into your production environment, proactively detecting and alerting teams of issues before they impact your business. Our proprietary insights generator is a one of a kind analytical engine that exhaustively searches for anomalous behaviors, even within hidden pockets of data.

  • Powerful configuration layer customizable for any vertical & any use case 
  • Utilize A/B testing and version benchmarking to extend your research into production
  • Smart noise reduction to avoid alert fatigue 
  • Automatic anomaly detection (drifts, biases, data integrity issues & more)
  • Easy accomodation for massive data sets in both batches and real time

Trusted and Actively Used by Forward Thinking Innovators

Recognized by Gartner in the 2021 'Cool Vendors in Enterprise AI Operationalization and Engineering' report

Monitoring is Key to Continuous Optimization

Learning how your data, models and processes perform in the real world is critical to continuously improve your processes. Monitoring is the ‘eyes and ears’ needed to observe your data and workflows to tell you if they’re performing well.



Key Benefits

Your investment in AI and automation solutions are not without its challenges. Here's how Mona's enterprise-grade monitoring platform can help.

Reduces Risk
Reliable performance that reduces any risks to your business or your customers
Fast Growth
Increases collaboration between data and engineering teams to tackle problems much faster
Optimize Workflows
Pinpoints the exact root causes of issues, reducing time and effort spent for your team investigating critical issues

Beyond observability: Deep, proactive intelligence

Mona exhaustively analyzes your data to provide actionable insights based on advanced anomaly detection mechanisms, to alert you before your business KPIs are hurt.

Beyond model monitoring: Complete process visibility

Take stock of any part of your production workflows and business processes, including models, pipelines, and business outcomes.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

“Mona can be customized using a simple configuration which represents the agility of the system when compared to the other POC. We were impressed by the level of commitment, the level of the professionality and the maturity of the technology, which were the most important things that we needed.”

Yuval Ben Zion, Director of Data Science at Fiverr

“At Hyro, we strive to always deliver the best value to our customers. Using Mona, even as our customer base and variety of use-cases continues grow, we can ensure that if any of our bots misbehaves, we’d be the first to notice and fix, before customers are affected.”

Nitzan Bar, Chief Architect at Hyro

"With Mona, we are able to proactively identify issues in production before our customers are negatively impacted.”

Ohad Parush, EVP of R&D at

“K Health is improving healthcare by connecting data points from millions of medical records to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat what’s wrong. Mona makes sure we’re aware of any changes or trends in our data, and keeps our AI running smoothly.”

Tom Haramaty, Algorithms Team Lead at K Health

“As's business continuously grows, our AI models are required to work seamlessly with a growing number of use-cases and customers. Mona is enabling our growth by assuring that our AI works as planned for all of our use-cases, and alerting us the moment our AI fails or underperforms.”

Igal Mazor, Chief Data Scientist at

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