Intelligent Monitoring for AI.

Gain complete visibility into how your data and models behave in the real world.

With Great AI Comes Great Responsibility

Your ML is creating a big impact for the business, but also presents real challenges. The more models you deploy, the more difficult it is to scale their support and troubleshooting.

Production-Grade Machine Learning Starts Here

Production-grade AI requires monitoring, and AI monitoring requires the right tools and a structured approach. Mona offers a complete monitoring architecture: collect and analyze data at scale from any source, without coding or disruption to your pipelines and workflows.
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AI Observability that's Actionable

Observability done right enables you to be proactive, whether it’s paging you to investigate further, or automating your model retraining tasks.

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Monitor your Smart AI with Intelligence

Detecting true issues throughout thousands of potential anomalies is challenging. Mona has an intelligence layer that can isolate potential concept drifts, domain shifts, biases, and data integrity problems.

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We know that you would rather spend your time building and scaling ML products rather than debugging and firefighting. We take on the heavy lifting of monitoring capabilities, enabling you to manage the data collection and analysis using the most comprehensive monitoring solution in the market.

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Understanding the virtuous cycle of AI/ML-driven growth

"We found that this framework can help managers, executives, and other decision makers think about the pieces that have to work well together for the company to sustain AI driven growth, so it’s worth taking the time to explore it and apply it for your needs."

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