Intelligent Monitoring for AI.

Gain complete visibility into your data and models in the real world with the most flexible and scalable AI monitoring platform.

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With Great AI Comes Great Responsibility

Your AI is creating a big impact for the business, but also presents real challenges. The more models you deploy, the more difficult it is to scale your support and troubleshooting.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Your AI Performance

Mona enables teams to continuously collect, transform and analyze data from all parts of your AI system to track performance metrics in a robust dashboard, be proactively alerted of anomalous behavior, diagnose model issues, conduct A/B tests, and more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“K Health is improving healthcare by connecting data points from millions of medical records to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat what’s wrong. Mona makes sure we’re aware of any changes or trends in our data, and keeps our AI running smoothly.”

Tom Haramaty, Algorithms Team Lead at K Health

“With Mona, we are able to proactively identify issues in production before our customers are negatively impacted.”

Ohad Parush, EVP or R&D at

“As's business continuously grows, our AI models are required to work seamlessly with a growing number of use-cases and customers. Mona is enabling our growth by assuring that our AI works as planned for all of our use-cases, and alerting us the moment our AI fails or underperforms.”

Igal Mazor, Chief Data Scientist at

Flexibility Matters

Every AI system is unique. Each use case has specific data schemas and metrics that are key indicators of business success, and a range of potential issues. Mona enables the simple creation and tracking of custom metrics, while also providing expansive, configurable anomaly detection to monitor for your team’s unique data quality and model accuracy needs.

Intelligence That is Actionable

Mona cuts through the noise by automatically analyzing thousands of potential anomalies to find the “needle in the haystack”, pointing your team directly to the underperforming subsegment of data. Whether you want to be alerted that a metric has exceeded a threshold, or that your models are underperforming for a newly onboarded customer, these insights allow your team to quickly troubleshoot issues before your business and customers are negatively impacted.

Production-Grade Monitoring

Production-grade AI requires monitoring that doesn’t interfere with or slow down your current processes. Mona integrates easily with any tech stack, with any model type, and can handle vast amounts of data without interrupting your current workflows with both SaaS and VPC deployments options.

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We know that you would rather spend your time building and scaling ML products, not constantly debugging and firefighting. Let Mona take on the heavy lifting of monitoring capabilities, enabling you to manage the data collection and analysis using the most comprehensive monitoring solution in the market.