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Advance your AI monitoring capabilities with Mona and New Relic

At Mona, we strive to enable better visibility into AI systems in order to reduce the associated risk with production AI, optimize the operational processes around versions and releases, and plan better AI roadmaps using feedback based on production data.

One of the goals we set for ourselves with Mona’s platform is to bridge the gap between AI practitioners such as data scientists and machine learning engineers, and production-oriented functions such as DevOps and SREs. 

This is why we are excited to announce our new partnership with New Relic to provide complete AI observability in a unified production monitoring environment!


new relic mona dashboard > Alerts & AI: You can use the overview summary page to quickly review your violations, issues, and incidents.


New Relic is a popular cloud-based observability platform that helps you instrument, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire software stack. New Relic provides powerful customizable dashboards for observability that help you understand data you collect from various sources in your system.


With the Mona-New Relic integration, you can now:

  • Allow production AI data exploration directly on New Relic using NRQL
  • View automatically generated dashboards on New Relic containing relevant Mona insights and alerts about the performance of your AI systems in production
  • Connect Mona alerts to your New Relic “Incident Intelligence” system in order to cluster them with alerts from other sources

mona ai monitoring new relic

Using Mona insights, automatically view specific segments where data may be suffering from biases, concept drifts or integrity issues. 


With this partnership, we hope to help bridge the gap between AI research and production. A unique feature using Mona is the ability to direct distinct alerts to different destinations. Thus, you could configure Mona to send research-oriented alerts (e.g., about long term drifts or biases) to the relevant data scientists, while directing more production-oriented alerts (such as a jump in the average latency of a model response) to a production on-call directly, now also via New Relic.

Mona is now offering a free trial for those interested in experiencing next-level production monitoring with the New Relic integration. For more information, sign up for a free trial or book a live demo.