AI Monitoring for Defense Organizations

Avoid AI catastrophes, ensure data coherence, and optimize models.

Mona provides a continuous feedback loop for your analysts and data scientists. Our monitoring solution has a unique built-in capability to pinpoint anomalous behaviors in granular segments, bringing you actionable insights to ensure your AI systems perform at their peak.

Empower your experts with deep, actionable insights into data and model anomalies across multidimensional datasets. Minimize noise, avoid alert fatigue, and uncover the critical anomalies that matter.

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Key Features

Automatic Insights:

Dive deep into your data with Mona’s ability to slice through multiple dimensions, isolating anomalies without noise.

Customizable Monitoring:

Tailor your monitoring schema with bespoke metrics and dimensions, setting up comprehensive monitors for any scenario.

Scalable & Secure:

Engineered for the most demanding datasets, our solution ensures data integrity, offering both on-premises (and air-gapped) and cloud deployments.

Real-Time & Batch Processing:

Stay ahead with instant anomaly detection and comprehensive historical analyses, ensuring no opportunity for optimization is missed.



Rapid Issue Resolution

Identify and rectify issues early when they are small, reducing fire-fighting and troubleshooting and maintaining the flow of critical inferences.

Data Coherence:

Ensure the integrity of your data, crucial for reliable model inference.

Continuous Improvement:

Leverage detailed insights to fine-tune systems, enhancing performance and reliability over time

Enhanced Analytical Efficiency:

Streamline your data processing workflows, freeing up valuable time for deeper analysis and strategic data science tasks.
Use Cases

Use Cases

Time-Specific System Deviations

Pinpoint exact times when model behavior diverges from expected patterns, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Feature Correlation Drifts

Detect and address shifts in feature correlations over time, maintaining the predictive power of your AI models.

Environment Behavior Comparisons

Identify discrepancies between staging and operational environments, enabling smooth transitions and deployments.

Operational Theater Anomalies

Uncover and rectify unusual system behaviors across different operational theaters, ensuring mission-critical intelligence is not compromised.

Inference & Training Data Discrepancies

Ensure system stability by monitoring and aligning inference-time and training-time feature sets.


Join the ranks of leading defense agencies using Mona to demonstrate significant improvements in data coherence, analytical efficiency, and intelligence generation.

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