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Mona for GPT



  • 2 GPT monitoring use cases (Contexts)
  • 8k OpenAI API calls / day
  • 1-month data retention

Mona for GPT



  • 3 GPT monitoring use cases (Contexts)
  • 30k OpenAI API calls / day
  • 6-month data retention

Mona for AI



  • Complete use case coverage including Generative AI / LLMs, ML, Computer Vision, Speech and RPA
  • Up to billions of production runs / month across dozens of use cases - pay as you grow!
  • 1-year data retention


Built-In Metrics Dozens Dozens + 10 custom Hundreds + custom
User-Defined Segmentations 5 20 Dozens
Built-In Anomaly Detectors 3 Up to 10 + custom Dozens + custom
Customer Support Email Email Private support channel + designated CSM
Alerts Email based Slack, Teams, Pagerduty, Google Chat + more Any custom alerting integration
Custom Alerting Rules
Programmatic API access
Issue Tracking + Teams Discussion
Mona SDK + API
Azure OpenAI API Support
LangChain Support
Streaming Support
Asynchronous Usage Support
System Health Dashboard
Advanced Data Exploration
Unlimited Users

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Recognized by Gartner in the 2021 'Cool Vendors in Enterprise AI Operationalization and Engineering' report