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Celebrate growth: Amazing customers, product milestones & new branding

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost three months since we turned the page on 2020, filling our hearts with new hope for a better year to come. I am proud to share with you that Mona has come out strong from an unexpected and challenging year. As we take a moment to catch our breath and reflect on our recent accomplishments, I wanted to take a moment and share some updates with you.


Our mission

We started our journey with the realization that AI has gone from supporting businesses to fueling their growth. We like to call companies who adopt AI / ML for growth AI-native companies. These innovators are finding that the continuous evolution of the AI environment - such as ML models, infrastructure, and teams - is the key to sustaining the initial growth impact, and that performance visibility is crucial to enabling this evolution. To meet this need we continue to grow our AI / ML observability platform, and focus on empowering AI-driven companies, with actionable intelligence about their data and machine learning models.

We have been executing on this mission with great things happening across our business, from our customer base to an improved customer experience to various product enhancements.


Customer growth

In the past few months, Mona has become the AI monitoring solution of choice for several fast-growth innovators and unicorns. We are thrilled to introduce Fiverr (NYSE:FVRR),, Cape Analytics, K Health, and Kueski as some of the more interesting and exciting customers that have signed with us since we came out of stealth. Their implementations of Mona cover dozens of production-grade model classes and tens of thousands of machine learning model instances, unlocking growth across different verticals from financial services to marketplaces and healthcare. is a terrific example of a fast-growth AI innovator we have particularly enjoyed working with. The company has leveraged its innovative AI to become the market leader in the revenue intelligence category with over 1,300 customers to date, achieving unicorn status with its recent $2.2 billion valuation. “At Gong, the rapid expansion of our revenue intelligence product presents big challenges of constant domain shifts and potential new biases which can shift the results of our ML models,” says Ohad Parush, EVP of Research and Development. “With Mona, we're able to pre-empt it in production before it has a negative effect on our customers, allowing us to review our models and algorithms quickly and ensure our customers are not affected.” We are proud of the work we do with Ohad's team and are committed to continuing to enable their AI-driven growth.

Such innovators are paving the way for AI-driven growth, and we are grateful for how they push us to grow and improve even further. We look forward to sharing more of their stories and best practices with you.


Product milestones

At Mona, our focus is on building the most flexible, intelligent, and scalable monitoring solution for production AI / ML environments. We have been working hard to deliver on this promise, and our recent product release hit several key milestones.



Our live use case solutions now include images, audio, video, text, and tabular data, for a myriad of purposes such as language detection, NLU, satellite imagery classification, risk analysis, and ETA prediction. We complemented these capabilities with an enhanced dashboard which enables data scientists and engineers to define any metric at any stage of the ML workflow without any coding. In addition, we are now running in all major cloud vendors: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This flexibility enables customers to adopt ML monitoring for virtually any use case, on any cloud platform.



We recently completed our slate of anomaly detection algorithms, the most comprehensive in the industry, with the introduction of over a dozen proprietary algorithms such as for detecting drifts, biases, and data integrity issues, along with ones for rule based validations. We highlight only anomalies that matter and often require immediate action such as model retraining. This results for our users in actionable insights, which enable preempting AI issues before they impact the business.



We have customers seamlessly logging out to Mona data from billions of inferences per day. Our engine can sift through millions of granular business segments in seconds to bubble up the most relevant anomalies. On one of our customer deployments, our platform processes over 5G/minute of model data, translating roughly to 1M inference runs per minute. Our platform does not just extend to pretty much any AI use case, but can also handle demands of fast-scaling, high frequency, multidimensional, datasets.

To summarize, in a short amount of time we have been able to create much value for our customers, reducing manual labor and preempting negative business impact with flexibility, intelligence and scalability. We believe we are only scratching the surface of a platform able to accommodate some of the most challenging machine learning needs in the wild.


Team growth

Our team is growing quickly in order to scale our product development and operations. We have doubled our team in the past few months with investments in marketing, engineering and customer success. We’re always on the hunt for collaborative, driven team members. Are you one of them? Get in touch at to learn more.


New branding and revamped customer experience

We have recently started to roll out our new brand (check out our new homepage!) as well as implement improvements to our overall customer experience with the help of our first customer success hire. Please be patient over the coming weeks as we continue to update all of our assets and collateral and roll out additional improvements, from easier ticket filing to better control over data flow to and from our platform.


Coming soon

We have so much more planned for our customers, from additional resources and recommended best practices to new events and activities. Please sign up to our email list so you can stay up to date, and reach out directly if you’re looking for a consultation on your production environment. If you're interested in learning about how our flexible AI monitoring solution can significantly reduce any risks to your business KPIs, sign up for a free trial or schedule a live demo